SY Doll- 173cm Angel Devil Sex Doll Silicon ROS Head - Sally

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Enter the realm of paradox with Sally, the divine temptress who walks the line between heaven and hell with effortless grace. Standing tall with a statuesque figure and curves that could tempt even the most virtuous of souls, Sally is a celestial being like no other.

Her lustrous gray hair shimmers like silver in the moonlight, casting an ethereal glow that captivates all who behold her. With smoky eye makeup and dark lip liner, Sally exudes an aura of mystery and allure, daring you to delve into the depths of her enigmatic soul.

Adorned with horns atop her head and delicate wings that speak of her heavenly origins, Sally embodies the duality of angelic beauty and devilish charm. Her cheeks flush with the warmth of love, a reminder that even in the midst of darkness, light can still shine through.

Whether she's clad in heavenly robes that billow around her like clouds or dressed in provocative attire that ignites the flames of desire, Sally is a creature of paradoxical beauty and boundless passion. Embrace the allure of opposites with Sally, your celestial muse and infernal temptress, as you journey through the realms of pleasure and ecstasy together.

Brand: SY Doll Material: Silicone ROS head
Height: 173cm Anal Depth:  17cm
Bust: 86cm Foot Length: 22cm
Waist: 68cm Hip: 91cm
Oral Depth:13cm Anus Depth:17cm
Vaginal Depth: 18cm Net Weight: 40kg
Gross Weight: 49kg Package Size: 159*42*33cm
Note: please allow 1-3cm differs due to manual measurement

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SY Doll 3 in 1 amazing robot sex doll

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