Welcome to the world of SuperLoveDoll, where your satisfaction is our top priority. Our commitment to providing exceptional sex dolls and services is unwavering, and we back it up with our robust Money-Back Guarantee. At SuperLoveDoll, we understand that unexpected issues may arise, and we want you to shop with confidence, knowing that your satisfaction is guaranteed.

100% Authenticity Assurance

Authentic Guarantee: SuperLoveDoll is an officially verified sex doll supplier, authorized to import premium dolls from renowned manufacturers worldwide. Check out our authorization certificates for peace of mind.

Brand New & Impeccable Condition: Your SuperLoveDoll will arrive brand new, in perfect working condition, and precisely as depicted on our website.

Stringent Quality Control: Our rigorous quality control system ensures that each doll undergoes thorough inspection and testing before discreetly reaching your doorstep. We prioritize your privacy with secure packaging and guaranteed logistics, minimizing the chances of any damage or defects.

100% Satisfaction: As a trusted retailer offering 40+ top-notch doll brands, SuperLoveDoll is your go-to destination for premium sex dolls in the USA. We provide factory pictures to ensure your satisfaction with every detail before shipping.

How Does Money-Back Guarantee Work?

Inspection Protocol: Upon receiving your SuperLoveDoll, conduct a comprehensive inspection, documenting the unboxing process with photos or videos before usage.Please refrain from using the doll until you have completed the inspection and ensured it is in perfect condition.

Contact Support: If your doll arrives damaged or significantly differs from the description, promptly reach out to our support team with clear evidence. We'll collaborate with you to determine the best compensation, whether it's a replacement, partial refund, or full refund.

Types of Claims:
Incorrect Dolls:
If your doll doesn't match the factory pictures or website, provide an unboxing video for investigation, and we'll arrange a swift replacement.
Damaged Dolls: For severe damage, file a claim with the shipping carrier upon receipt. We'll organize a replacement or provide necessary kits for minor damage.
Missing Package: If the tracking shows delivery but you haven't received anything, contact the carrier immediately.

How Does Money-Back Guarantee Work?

Minor Blemishes: Minor defects, including skin blemishes, scratches, marks, indentations, dents, micro-cuts, subtle changes in the skin surface, loose or missing fingernails/toenails, loose or missing eyelashes, and minor differences or inconsistencies in facial and body makeup, are not considered damage and are not covered by our money-back guarantee. These imperfections can be addressed following repair suggestions provided by Superlovedoll.
 Finger & Toe Nails: The nails on the dolls might loosen during shipping or after receiving the package due to the use of light glue for easy removal by the buyer. In case a nail falls off, you can easily reattach it using our lash & nail glue.
 Loose Eyelash: A protective eye mask (spongy) is attached to the doll's face to safeguard her eyes. If the eyelash happens to fall off, you can reattach it yourself using our lash & nail glue.

Minor skin blemishes and slight changes in the skin surface resulting from the manufacturing process (such as injection sites, mold seam lines, scars on silicone heads, etc.) are not considered defects and are not covered by our money-back guarantee. Minor damage incurred during shipping by the courier or shipping company, such as minor scrapes on the skin, a bent neck, etc., can be easily repaired. We encourage customers to attempt reasonable repairs based on our recommendations.

Every sex doll at SuperLoveDoll is meticulously handcrafted, ensuring a unique touch to each creation. Consequently, slight variations are inherent, making each doll subtly distinctive. Prior to shipping, you will receive detailed photos of your doll directly from the factory. Should you find any significant deviations from your expectations, we are more than willing to make corrections upon your request before the doll departs our workshop. To stay updated, please ensure that our email ( is unblocked to receive crucial information in a timely manner.

Due to different screen displays, manual makeup application, and other factors, variations in the doll's facial makeup, areola color, vagina color, etc., are expected and allowed. While we make diligent efforts to replicate the makeup seen in the promotional images, we cannot guarantee a 100% match. Additionally, a slight measurement difference of 1-3cm is normal due to manual measurement processes.

Heating and Moaning Features: Certain manufacturers may not provide coverage for heating and moaning features. Therefore, we recommend opting for a heating blanket instead of relying solely on the heating option. It is crucial to verify the proper functioning of the heating and moaning features upon receiving your doll. Please note that we do not cover these features if they become disconnected during use.

User Damage: All dolls undergo a rigorous quality check before being shipped to you. We emphasize the importance of responsible handling when using the doll. In the event of submitting a damage report, any damages believed to be caused by customer mishandling or negligence—such as hyperextension of limbs, skeleton fractures, or tearing of the opening—will not be covered under warranty. Our team reserves the right to assess the source of damage based on all provided information, and the final decision rests at the sole discretion of SuperLoveDoll.

Used Dolls: Recognizing the personal nature of sex dolls, any dolls that have been used are not eligible under our guarantee. However, we are committed to providing the best possible assistance and suggestions to address any issues you may encounter.

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