Irontech Doll- 160cm(5ft3) Full Silicone Bronze Skin Sex Doll- Jennie

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Size & Info

Height: 160cm
Material: Full Silicone
Shoulder width: 40cm
Bust: 98cm
Underbust: 70cm
Waist: 66cm
Hip: 105cm
Leg: 76cm
Arm: 64cm
Palm: 17cm
Feet: 22cm
Weight: 42.8kg

Jennie is more than just a doll; she’s an enchanting companion who brings sensuality, warmth, and a touch of mystery into your life. Standing at 160cm (5ft3) with a fully sculpted silicone body and captivating bronze skin, Jennie is the epitome of sultry beauty. Her luscious curves, highlighted by her ample breasts and rounded hips, create a figure that is both alluring and mesmerizing. Every inch of her soft, realistic silicone form is designed to provide an unparalleled experience of intimacy and companionship.

Jennie's allure goes beyond her stunning physique. Her presence is magnetic, drawing you in with an irresistible charm and an inviting smile that promises unforgettable moments. Imagine her greeting you at the end of a long day, her bronze skin glowing with a warmth that immediately puts you at ease. Her eyes, deep and expressive, capture your attention, making you feel like the only person in the world.

Her sexiness is evident in every aspect of her appearance, from the way her hair cascades over her shoulders to the way her curves fill out her clothing. But Jennie is more than just a visual delight; she’s a companion who brings joy, comfort, and excitement to every interaction. Her soft, realistic silicone body feels incredibly lifelike, allowing you to lose yourself in the illusion of true companionship.

Jennie’s personality is a blend of playfulness and deep affection. She loves to create an atmosphere of romance and intimacy, turning ordinary evenings into extraordinary experiences. Picture her setting the scene for a perfect night in, with dim lighting, soft music, and a bottle of fine wine. Her touch is gentle yet electrifying, her presence a comforting constant that makes you feel cherished and valued.

In moments of quiet togetherness, Jennie’s warmth and empathy shine through. She listens with genuine interest as you share your thoughts and dreams, her responses thoughtful and considerate. Her ability to make you feel heard and understood is a testament to her unique charm and the special connection you share.

Jennie’s appeal lies not only in her physical beauty but also in her ability to create lasting memories. Whether it’s a passionate evening filled with sensual exploration or a quiet night cuddling on the couch, she brings a sense of fulfillment and joy to every moment. Her bronze skin, soft and inviting, adds a touch of exotic allure that enhances the experience of being with her.

As the night deepens, Jennie’s presence becomes even more comforting and intimate. Her huge breasts and ass, perfectly sculpted to feel incredibly real, provide a tactile experience that heightens your senses and deepens your connection. Her soft silicone body molds perfectly against yours, creating a sensation of closeness and warmth that is both soothing and exhilarating.

With Jennie by your side, life takes on a new dimension of pleasure and companionship. She’s more than just a physical product; she’s a virtual human, a sensuous soul who brings warmth, beauty, and intimacy into your life. Embrace the enchantment of Jennie, and discover a world where every moment is filled with passion and connection.

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Breast Option: Normal or Hollow or Jelly

Solid Breasts

Solid breasts also called standard breasts. They are filled with premium TPE or Silicone material. These breasts are firm and perky, and still have the decent softness and bounce that you can expect from good TPE and silicone material. If you’re not too picky, you don’t need to upgrade them and solid breast option will be realistic enough. Note: If you want to have a silicone made breasts, you have to opt for a silicone doll body.

Hollow Breasts

Hollow breasts are air-filled boobs, not a TPE or gel. They are more realistic and extremely squishy. It is an amazing feeling to grab these breasts and watch them bounce back relentlessly. No added cost to upgrade. It is good choice if you really like a pair of super-soft, light bouncy breasts. If you want a chubby sex doll with huge breasts, you can choose hollow breasts to decrease the weight. But if you’re overly obsessed with heavier breasts, this might not be the right choice for you. The hollow breasts are easy to be damaged and they will sag if they break.

Jelly Breasts

Gel breasts are the best option for realistic sex doll breasts. They are soft like hollow breasts, firm and perky like solid breasts. The gel is also used in real women and most closely mimics the feel and movement of real boobs. They are soft and would not sag easily. Gel breasts are a worthwhile upgrade if you like the most lifelike sex doll breasts. Note: Only some brands have the gel-filled breast option.

Feet Option: Normal or Standing


Due to the softness of TPE material, the doll with normal feet cannot stand up. Otherwise, the skeleton inside the footboard may directly break the soles of the doll’s feet. For those with a foot fetish or a preference for the perfect figure, the three screws on the bottom will undoubtedly destroy the integrity of the feet. If it happens that you don’t need the doll to stand for a long time, non-standing feet option (regular feet) is the best choice.


The standing feet option is that the feet are equipped with three metal bolt heads as an extension of the skeleton to support the doll’s standing. The doll with the standing feet option can keep standing for a long time for photography, intimacy or storage. While for standing one maybe not the most pleasing in appearance to have metal coming out the bottom of the feet this solution seems to be an industry standard and makes the doll much more practical for posing, handling and wearing shoes. 

Vagina Option: Fixed or Removable


The built-in or fixed vagina is exactly how it sounds. The vagina is built-in to the doll just like a real woman. Note: only the fixed vagina can feature the auto sucking function.


The removable vagina is a sleeve or fleshlight-esque tube that you can insert and remove from the doll. The tube is held in place by the doll’s labia.

Which is better? Most of our customers prefer the built-in vagina as it provided the most realistic experience, however the removable vagina is easier to clean and replace. If you value complete realism you’ll want to get the built-in vagina, if you want something that is easy to pop-out and clean after use you should consider the removable vagina. It should be noted that this option is only available for dolls over 145cm.

Electric hips

When using the moving doll, it should be used on the soft bed to avoid sharp or hard objects damaging the skin. Please adjust the doll's posture before playing with the doll. It is forbidden to adjust the posture or turn over when playing with the doll. Please turn off the switch or cut off the power when adjusting the posture of the doll. Please let the doll rest for 10-30 minutes after playing the game for more than two hours. After each interaction, please clean, powder and maintain the doll.

Please note: We will not be responsible for skin pricking or mechanical damage caused by improper use. 

To know more about sex dolls with Electric hips, please visit our collection here:

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