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New S-TPE Material from WM Doll

WM Doll has revolutionized its sex doll material with the introduction of S-TPE, a groundbreaking substance seamlessly blending the realistic body makeup details of silicone with the gentle touch characteristic of TPE. This cutting-edge material perfectly combines the best attributes of both, resulting in enhanced elasticity, softness, and toughness.

S-TPE Material Details:
Tear Resistance: Demonstrating exceptional durability, S-TPE withstands extreme stretching for nearly a month without tearing, providing users with the freedom to manipulate it as they desire.
Minimal Oil Secretion: Unlike TPE materials, S-TPE significantly reduces oil secretion, simplifying sex doll maintenance for a more user-friendly experience.
Realistic Details: Boasting a flesh-like texture comparable to silicone, S-TPE achieves realism in body makeup applications through innovative silicone spraying techniques.
Strong Elasticity: Displaying excellent resilience, S-TPE maintains its shape over extended periods, resisting deformation.

After undergoing 30 days of extreme stretching, the S-TPE sex doll exhibited no signs of tearing, highlighting an eightfold increase in durability compared to the original TPE version. Even subjected to a 15 kg weight, the doll not only resisted deformation but also reverted to its original state.

This groundbreaking material offers users an unparalleled experience, combining the lifelike qualities of silicone with the user-friendly features of TPE. Its tear resistance, minimal oil secretion, realistic details, and strong elasticity contribute to an exceptional product that stands at the forefront of sex doll technology.

S-TPE Material VS Normal TPE Material 

Details of WM Doll S-TPE Sex Doll

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