What is The Difference Between Standard Skeleton And Upgraded (EVO) Skeleton?

When delving into the realm of sex doll acquisitions, newcomers often encounter a puzzling choice between standard and EVO skeletons. To demystify this dilemma, let's explore the nuanced disparities between these skeletal options.

Standard Skeleton
Limited Shoulder Movement: Standard skeletons lack the ability to allow your doll to shrug its shoulders.
Restricted Flexibility: Primarily capable of bending forwards and backwards.
Moderate Joint Flexion: Elbows and knees exhibit a modest bending capacity, reaching approximately 90 degrees.

EVO Skeleton
Dynamic Shoulder Articulation: The upgraded (EVO) skeleton empowers your doll to shrug its shoulders, offering a more realistic range of motion for versatile poses.
Flexible Spine: Enhanced flexibility enables the spine to lean left and right, facilitating a more immersive experience during intimate moments.
Versatile Leg Poses: Legs can be bent into a W position or downwards, enhancing the doll's ability to achieve various poses, including reaching the buttocks.

In comparison, the EVO skeleton emerges as a cutting-edge counterpart, surpassing standard skeletons with its exceptional flexibility. Ideal for both modeling/photography and intimate encounters, EVO skeletons from brands like WM and Irontech are evolving further, featuring double-jointed arms and legs for lifelike squatting, stretching, and kneeling—mimicking human actions.

Typically, upgrading to the EVO skeleton incurs an additional cost. Opt for the standard skeleton if your requirements involve simple postures without the need for extensive joint flexibility. Conversely, if you seek heightened flexibility and realism, the EVO skeleton stands as the optimal choice for your doll.