What is the Difference Between Built-in And Removable Vagina?

When it comes to doll orifices, there are two primary types: removable (insert) and fixed (built-in). Here's a breakdown of the key differences:

Removable (Insert) Vagina

  • Easy Maintenance: After use, pull out the removable vagina sleeve, akin to a thin fleshlight, and flush it with warm water and soap. Wipe off any excess lube from the doll's labia.
  • Convenient Cleaning: The process is quick and straightforward. Lubricate the outside of the insert for smoother insertion and removal.
  • Considerations: While personally recommended for ease, some users argue that the experience may not feel as authentic due to potential fit issues in certain models. By the way, it can't feature the auto sucking when you choose the removable vagina.

Built-in/Fixed Vagina

  • Challenges in Cleaning: Built-in vaginas pose greater cleaning challenges. Methods include using soapy water and a sponge on a stick in place or carrying the doll to the toilet for thorough cleaning.
  • Drying Process: After cleaning, drying requires a fan or pump for air circulation in the orifice. Alternatively, an absorbing stick may be used, sometimes provided with dolls.
  • Material-Specific Cleaning: For silicone dolls, antibacterial gel can be used. However, caution is advised as it is not recommended for TPE dolls, as it may weaken the material.

Additional Option for Built-in Vagina

  • Female Condoms: Inserting and removing female condoms eliminates the need for post-use cleanup. Some argue it may not replicate the same feel, and reuse may lead to breakage.

In conclusion, the choice between built-in and removable vaginas involves considerations of ease of maintenance, cleaning processes, and material compatibility.