What cleaning materials should you use?

Proper cleaning is crucial for maintaining the hygiene and longevity of TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) and silicone sex dolls. Here's a guide on the cleaning materials suitable for each material:

For TPE Sex Dolls:
Antibacterial Soap:
What to Use: Gentle antibacterial soap is recommended for cleaning TPE dolls. It effectively removes dirt and bacteria without causing damage.
Sulfate-Free Soap:

What to Use: When cleaning specific areas, use sulfate-free soap along with a soft tub mat to prevent any adverse reactions.
TPE Powder:

What to Use: After cleaning, apply TPE powder using a makeup brush. This helps maintain the doll's softness and prevents tackiness.
Cotton Swabs:

What to Use: For detailed cleaning, use cotton swabs to reach intricate areas without causing damage.

For Silicone Sex Dolls:
Mild Soap and Warm Water:
What to Use: A solution of mild soap and warm water is suitable for general cleaning of silicone sex dolls. Avoid using harsh soaps to prevent damage.
Silicone-Friendly Lubricant:

What to Use: When needed, use a silicone-friendly lubricant for intimate areas. Avoid petroleum-based or silicone lubes that can damage the doll's skin.
Vaseline/Petroleum Jelly:

What to Use: Apply a very small amount of vaseline or petroleum jelly to high-stress areas, such as knees or inner thighs, to maintain suppleness.
Non-Abrasive Cleaning Tools:

What to Use: Opt for soft cleaning tools like sponges or brushes to avoid scratching the silicone surface.

General Tips:
Avoid Harsh Chemicals:

What Not to Use: Harsh chemicals can damage both TPE and silicone. Avoid using them in the cleaning process.
Pat Dry:

What to Do: After cleaning, pat the doll dry with a soft, absorbent towel. Avoid high heat or hairdryers for drying.
Remember to follow the specific care instructions provided by the manufacturer for your sex doll to ensure optimal cleanliness and preservation.