Standing Feet Option for Sex Dolls

When contemplating the purchase of a sex doll, the standing feet option may catch your attention, prompting questions about its purpose, usage, and whether it's a worthwhile investment. Here's a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the standing feet option and make an informed decision.

What is the Standing Feet Option?

Material Consideration: Traditional feet on TPE dolls lack the firmness required for standing, risking damage to the doll's feet due to the softness of the material.
Structural Enhancement: The standing feet option incorporates three metal bolt heads as extensions of the skeleton, providing essential support for the doll to stand independently.
Versatile Usage: Dolls with the standing feet option can maintain a standing pose for extended periods, suitable for photography, intimate moments, or storage. However, leaving the doll unsupervised while free-standing is not recommended to prevent potential falls and damage.

Proper Usage of the Standing Function

  • Stability Challenges: Recognizing that sex dolls lack a natural sense of balance, users should position the doll against a wall or a stable surface for support. Adjusting the posture may be necessary to achieve optimal balance.
  • Foot Protection: For barefoot standing, placing a soft cloth on the ground is advised. When dressing the doll in shoes, extra socks or a hard insole can protect against potential shoe-induced damage. Leather insoles followed by stockings offer an alternative solution.

Considerations for Purchasing the Standing Feet Option

  • Integrity Concerns: Users with a foot fetish or a preference for intact feet may find the three screws on the standing feet option disruptive. For those not requiring prolonged standing, regular feet may be a more suitable choice.
  • Use Cases: Opt for the standing feet option if you plan to store the doll upright, engage in standing activities, or utilize the doll as a model.


  1. The standing feet share similarities with regular feet but feature redesigned ankles and reinforced soles for independent standing.
  2. Standing feet are rigid, allowing rotation downwards by 150° but not upwards or side to side.
  3. Only flat shoes are recommended for standing, as high heels can be placed on the feet but should not be worn when the doll is standing.
  4. The standing feet option is applicable to dolls over 100cm.