Introducing the Electric Hip Sex Doll Our Electric Hip Sex Doll features innovative automatic components discreetly integrated into the buttocks region, enabling the doll to replicate lifelike movements and flexibility. Witness them in action and experience it for yourself! Encounter a doll that gracefully mimics natural motion. These Electric Buttocks Sex Dolls are available in two configurations to suit your preferences: choose between the convenience of a charging configuration or the simplicity of a plug-in option.

Plug-in Configuration Version - No built-in battery 

Plug-in Configuration Version ( without built-in battery ) 

How to Use 1. To prevent any accidental damage, avoid sharp objects that may puncture the doll's skin. Ensure you're on a soft, supportive surface. 
2. Always switch off the electric buttocks function when changing the doll's position or turning it over. Do not attempt to adjust the position while the electricity is active. 3. Allow the doll to cool down after every 2 hours of continuous use. It's important to give her a break for at least 10-30 minutes after every 2 hours of activity. 4. After each use, please clean and apply powder to the contact area of the electric hip doll.


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