How to Hide Your Sex Doll

Sex doll owners often face the challenge of discreetly storing their dolls due to societal taboos and misconceptions. This blog aims to guide individuals on concealing their sex dolls within the home.

1. Under the Bed

  • Utilize the private space under the bed, a commonly overlooked area.
  • Store the doll in a suitable box or suitcase, wrapped in cotton muslin bags.
  • Introduce other cases or items beneath the bed to obfuscate any prying eyes.

2. Sex Doll Flight Case

  • Opt for a flight case, endorsed by manufacturers for safe storage.
  • Provides protection against dust, light, and humidity, safeguarding the doll.
  • Easily slide the sex doll into the flight case for secure and appropriate storage.

3. In Your Closet

  • Install sex doll hanging racks in a discreet closet space.
  • Hang the doll in a suspended upright posture with no surface contact.
  • Ensure the closet has a secure lock, maintaining privacy.

4. Sex Doll Shipping Box

  • Reuse the discreet packaging in which sex dolls are delivered as a storage box.
  • Wrap the doll in a soft white blanket before placing it in the box.
  • Position the box under the bed or in the closet, surrounded by other storage boxes for confusion.

5. Locked Flight Case

  • Employ Travel/ATA cases with wheels, handles, and a secure lock.
  • Ideal for those unable to store the doll in a closet, offering mobility and security.

6. A Spare Room

  • Secure a spare room, like a utility room or basement, with a lock.
  • Few people would suspect a hidden sex doll in such spaces.
  • Note the challenge of moving the box discreetly between rooms.

7. In Plain Sight

  • Embrace humor by dressing the doll and placing it in plain sight in a mannequin posture.

Remember, these suggestions prioritize discretion and privacy, allowing sex doll owners to maintain their personal space without judgment.