Dirty Things to Do to Yourself When You’re Alone

Dirty Things to Do to Yourself When You’re Alone - SuperLoveDoll

When you are in a committed relationship or even in a sexual relationship, you always have access to someone who wants to do dirty things. But studies have shown that over 90% of people find themselves alone when they need some sort of sexual release.

What are dirty things to do to yourself when you’re alone? How can you be your best self with built-up sexual tension? During this article, we look at a few hot dirty things you can do to yourself when you're alone.

We look at some fantastic tools to help you release that sexual energy and some of the best tips to keep your sexual health intact in moments when you are alone.

Let’s get started.

Things to Do to Yourself When You’re Alone [Men]

There are a few dirty things you can do to yourself, but most of the time, we just lay on the bed and have a quickie with our hands. Unfortunately, Self-pleasure is much more than rubbing one out, and we tend to forget how much we can do to help us get kinky when we are alone.

Here is a list of some of the best dirty things to do to yourself when you’re alone.

Masturbate While in the Shower

One of the best ways to get extra dirty with yourself is in the shower. Water helps heighten your senses, especially when you do water play. Water play is when you turn the heat up and suddenly turn the water cold. This shocks your body and makes you feel everything more intensely. This will also help you have an intense orgasm. In the shower, you can also use the chance to lather yourself and help stimulate your whole body while masturbating.

Hump a Pillow

Pillow humping may seem like a predominantly female masturbation technique, but men can get just as much sexual satisfaction as women. By rolling up the pillow, you create a tight gap in the middle that you can use as a “glory hole” to masturbate with. You can place your penis inside and thrust or hump the pillow. To avoid a big clean-up, you can wear a condom or a sock for when you climax, and this will keep the cum from spilling on the pillow.

Use a Sex Doll

Sex dolls are one of the best ways for men to masturbate, and if you need to know what dirty thing to do to yourself when you’re alone, play with a sex doll. Although there are many different types of sex dolls available to purchase, the torso sex doll from Qmuid is made from high-quality materials and has been approved by the FDA. Qmuid has a vast collection of hot sex dolls to choose from with different life-like features. Using a sex doll while masturbating allows you to have a more realistic experience and gives you the ultimate satisfaction without having a partner.

Try Anal Sex Toys

Anal sex toys tend to scare heterosexual men, but they are the best toys to use when masturbating. Anal vibrators help stimulate the prostate, which is also known as the male g-spot. Stimulation of the g-spot is one of the top ways to have a mind-blowing orgasm while masturbating. When you have an anal vibrator, you stimulate both of your sexual zones leading to the best masturbation session ever.

Play Out Your Sexual Fantasies Using Your Imagination

Many of us use our imaginations daily, but have you ever thought about using your imagination n while masturbating? Imagine a hottie doing all these kinky, dirty things to you instead of just rubbing one out. Take it slow and slowly move towards masturbation and orgasm. Try touching yourself all over. Don't rush into stimulating your penis. Using your imagination instead of watching porn can also be very healthy for your mind and soul.

Watch Porn

Porn is a fantastic way to get yourself in the mood when you want to start with dirty things to do to yourself when you’re alone. Porn helps ignite a sexual drive and passion. While watching porn, your blood starts rushing, and you begin to become aroused. This enables you to imagine sexual moments with a visual aid. Watching porn daily might not be the healthiest thing, but every now and then, using it while you do dirty things to yourself can be good for your self-esteem.

Listen to Erotica

Erotica is porn for the listeners, and if you have never tried this when figuring out what dirty things to do to yourself while you’re alone, you have to try it now. Many free and paid erotic websites give you all the sounds and sexual stories you need to get yourself in the mood. In addition, there are complex chemicals in your brain released when you listen to erotica that help you achieve an orgasm.

Try Edging

Edging builds confidence and helps you have a more intense climax. When stimulating yourself, you carry on and stop right before your orgasm. As a result, the orgasm builds up and creates a wave of excitement, and it also helps people who struggle with premature ejaculation.

Use Lube While Masturbating

Lube is a creative way to create a pain-free, frictions-free, and smooth masturbation session. When you go in dry, there is a chance for micro-tears in the soft skin of your private area. Using lube helps avoid any tears or uncomfortable friction. There are many lubes that also come with sensations like heat or tingling for a more intense pleasurable feeling.

Change Your Positions

One of the best dirty things to do to yourself when you’re alone changing positions during masturbation regularly. The same positions can become tedious, making the moment less exciting, and you can become bored. So instead, change the positions, go on all fours, stand, sit, or lay on the kitchen counter. Do whatever makes you feel good and excited.

Homemade Porn

When you watch porn, there are many things about it that could turn you on. When you choose to make some homemade porn of yourself, you learn to apricate your body and how kinky you can be. Watching the porn, you created afterward can boost your confidence and enrich all future sexual moments.

Send Dirty Messages to Your Partner

Another way to get dirty when you’re alone is by sending your partner some kinky texts. Your partner might even return the messages and help you get horny. Who knows, maybe your partner gets horny as well, and you can masturbate together.

Final Thoughts

Dirty things to do to yourself when you’re alone are not always just about being horny but about helping you to feel aroused by yourself. When you start introducing new things into your sexual explorations, it can seem daunting. Trying new things always seems slightly scary, but it's always good to challenge yourself by trying new things.

Buy that sex doll, try the anal vibrator, and try new things to broaden your sexual knowledge.

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