Why Do Guys Like Unprotected Sex?

Why Do Guys Like Unprotected Sex? - SuperLoveDoll

When you are younger, the idea of protected sex seems so boring and useless. Many people choose to have unprotected sex, although it is not recommended when you are having casual flings. When you mature and get older, you may seem to grasp the importance of having protection when having sex with different people.

Protection reduces your risks of unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases and infections, which should strongly indicate that you should use condoms or some protection. Yet, there are still so many people who get offended when their partner wants to use protection or some that refuse to use them. Many people have often allowed their partners to stop using protection because they are afraid of losing them, and they need to tell other people that he stopped using condoms with me, which is why I have an STI.

Which leaves us wondering, why do guys like unprotected sex? Why does he want unprotected sex if there are so many risks involved?

The answer is not short and sweet because not all men are alike. Despite this, we have constructed a list of some of the reasons why do guys like unprotected sex.

Let us get straight into it.

Top 10 Reasons Why Guys Like Unprotected Sex

To dive right into the world of unprotected sex without giving you a fair warning, all of these reasons why do guys like unprotected sex are not serious enough to avoid protection. However, even with some of these excuses being valid reasons, there is no reason why your partner should not respect your boundaries and keep you safe from any STIs.

It Does Not Feel That Good

One of the most common excuses in the books, it just doesn’t feel that good. However, it has been proven that condoms minimally reduce pleasure but still allow you to have immense pleasure while being safe.

Many people feel that a condom makes a barrier reducing skin-on-skin contact, which results in a less intimate experience.

It Kills the Mood

When you start making out and get into the moment, taking a break to first open a condom and put it on can kill the mood. For some, arousal takes a while and can easily be lost while wasting time. In addition, women and men do not enjoy having to pause a kinky moment to add a condom into the mix. At times, it dampens the mood so much that someone decides to rather just leave it.

No Risks

Thousands of men believe they have no risks of being infected with any type of STD or STI. Men like this also have a god complex where they believe they have perfect control over their bodies and there is no way they would accidentally make a girl pregnant. These beliefs are usually because of a lack of knowledge about the reproductive system or how STDs are transmitted.

Be Forgetful

Sometimes you and your partner will start getting busy when you realize that you need a condom, you ask him, and he just shrugs. This is because he does not carry condoms. Men tend to do this to avoid wearing one, but it might also just be because they are forgetful. Women do not usually have condoms lying around. Hence, he wanted to have unprotected sex.

Condom May Be Tight

Just like all bodies come in different shapes and sizes, penises are the same. Some men are blessed with huge dick, and others with smaller-sized penis. This can make it difficult to find a condom that fits correctly. If it is too big, the condom can slip off easily and move around. On the other hand, if a condom is too small, it makes the condom fit very tightly, which can even be dangerous by cutting off circulation.

Not Able to Make Good Decisions

When you are under the influence of drugs and alcohol, you are not able to make great decisions. Alcohol is a system depressant that results in you having decision-making issues and self-control issues. Many times, after a night out, you will find yourself in a situation where you need to constantly remind your partner to be safe and put on a condom.

No Access to Condoms

The parents of teenagers tend not to allow them access to tools for safe sex in the hopes that it will help them abstain. But in the end, you just have a bunch of teenagers having sex and spreading diseases, and it is much better to allow your child the option to get condoms than to go without. So one of the reasons why he stopped using a condom with me is that he no longer has access to condoms.

Feel Painful

There are many people who choose to use condoms but find them rather painful. For example, some condoms' latex will pull pubic hair or hurt your partner while sliding in and out. But this could also just mean that you are not using the brand that works for you.

Not Fear of Pregnancy

Once you have been in a relationship for a long time, fear of pregnancy tends to be less scary. Some may even like the idea, which is why they might try to stop using a condom with you. But this should still be a serious discussion, and you need to be sure you are also okay with the outcome once you stop using protection. The only valid reason to stop using protection is when you are both in a committed relationship, and you have done all STD and STI tests.

Men Are Careless

To make the decision to use protection while having sex shows a level of care, and men today tend to be careless. Everyone rushes things and tries to get them done instead of taking a minute to think about what they are doing. This is where you need to be sure to be the voice of reason and remind them to get protection.

Final Words

Once you have gone through testing and you and your partner can discuss the risks involved with protection-free sex, can it be an option? Both parties need to be okay with the idea of getting rid of the condom and need to be ready for the outcome.

Although this article is mostly directed at men that want to remove the protection, there are many women who feel like condoms are a waste of plastic. Sadly, in society, the use of condoms is not talked about as often as it should, and the world of pornography is allowing many people to get lost in the idea that sex without protection is better.

This decision is yours and yours alone, and if you are uncomfortable with not using a condom and they do not respect it, you might need to end the relationship. Above, we have discussed some of the reasons why do guys like unprotected sex, but you might need to discuss this with your partner and hear their reasons.





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