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Sex Positions in a Chair - Sexual Moments

When you are in a serious relationship, you will get bored with mundane sexual moments. Which is why you need to to stay open-minded and try new things. Sitting in sexual positions can be a great way to keep the excitement in a relationship.

Trying chair sex can also be a way to help you keep a healthy sex life. When you find a good sturdy chair around the house or purchase a sex chair, make sure you try some of the following chair sex positions.

If you have ever sat on a chair and thought about having sex but are confused about how to position yourself, this article will help. During this feature, we look at satisfying chair sex positions.

Sex Position in a Chair

When we think about exciting sex, we usually imagine a picturesque destination or a room filled with candles. But there are many different ways you can have risqué sex in the comfort of your own home with minimal effort.

These following few chair sex positions will create an incredible bond between you and your partner while exploring new sex positions.

1. Freaky Flower

We love sex positions that help you maintain deep eye contact while having a mind-blowing orgasm. The freaky flower is a face-to-face chair sex position. Your partner should sit on a chair and open their legs wide. When their legs are open, there is space for them to move around. You will then get on top of them while facing them. You will then cross your legs behind your back and place your hands on the back of the chair to support you. You can grind and pull yourself up and down.


2. Penguin tie

This next position can be used on different pieces of furniture but will always be best for chair sex. Firstly, you should sit on the chair as you normally would. Feet on the floor, knees bent, and your partner should kneel down in front of you. Next, they will lift your legs and place them over their shoulders. You will then shift your body downward until you are in a where penetration is more accessible. This position is great for all types of intimacy, kisses, and cuddles.


3. Grazer

The grazer is an exciting chair sex position that does not require a lot of effort to achieve. We recommend a chair with armrests. Your partner will sit on the chair while you sit down on them with your back to their face. You will open your legs and use the armrests to stabilize yourself. You can use the armrests to help you move and support yourself when you bounce up and down.

4. The French do it best.

We have thousands of wonderful things given to us by the French, but none as amazing as the French kiss. In this position, you get to have a lot of French kisses while having a great orgasm. Firstly, find a comfortable chair with armrests. Sit on the chair as usual and move your butt forward until you reach the edge of the seat; spread your legs wide and place your hand just behind you on the chair to keep yourself stable. Your partner will get into a kneeled position in front of you while you wrap your legs around their waist. They will slowly place their knees on the edge of the seat while you lift your butt and rest it on their knees. Now you are in the perfect position to be penetrated.

5. Cowgirl remix

We all love a good cowgirl position, but a cowgirl on a chair is even better. Firstly, your partner will sit on the chair. You will then place both your feet on either side of their hips, lower yourself, and start penetration. You will be in a squatting position while hovering over your partner. It is essential to keep yourself stable by holding onto the back of your chair. Your partner can lean back and pull you in closer; you will also be more stable.

6. Hardcore zone

This chair sex position can be slightly uncomfortable if you do not have a chair with armrests with cushions. You will need to sit sideways on the chair and throw your legs over one armrest, and then place your head on the opposite armrest. Your partner will now go around to the oppisite side of the chair, where your legs are found. They will need to stand between your legs and lean forward; they will put their hands on either side of you. Now you are in the perfect position for a hardcore chair sex position.

7. Kinky wheelbarrow

The wheelbarrow, when standing, is rather complicated and requires an ample amount of strength to achieve. But when you incorporate a chair, this position becomes easier to achieve. The kinky wheelbarrow still requires some strength and flexibility but is still much easier. Your partner should sit on the chair, and then you will stand in front of them facing the same direction. You will then move into a seated position on their lap. You will then start to lean forward and place your arms on the floor in front of you. Your legs will now slide through the armrests of the chair while your thighs are touching your partner's thighs. Now you are in the perfect position to be penetrated; your partner also has some room to move and thrust for you to have the ultimate orgasm.

8. Bondage chair

This next chair sex position has some bondage involved. This position is a great way to create a fresh spin in your relationship. You will now need to sit on the chair and throw both legs over both sides of the armchair. Your partner will now tie your legs to each armrest and both arms tied behind the chair. Now you will be ready for penetration, along with a new kinky way to have chair sex.


9. Dog chair

Doggy is a great position for deep penetration, and it has thousands of people's favorite sex positions. Which is why we need to doggy chair sex position. Firstly, you will need to climb on the chair and turn 90 degrees. Your partner will then come up behind you and penetrate you from behind.


10. Upside down

This next position is perfect for oral, but also a bit complicated to achieve. You will need to get on the chair and hang your legs over the backside of the chair; you will then shift your body to move your butt up alongside the back of the chair. Your partner will stand behind the chair and move their mouth between your legs for oral sex. Your partner can also tilt the chair and lower you to an angle for penetration.

What to Take Away?

If you were looking for something extra to spice up your relationship, this article certainly gave you a few great ideas. Chair sex gives you control over how deep, fast, and intimate your sexual moments with your partner are.

Chair sex positions are wildly underestimated, and we all should try them more often. Our bodies were made to explore new positions and find adventure while building a healthy sex life. Remember to always ask for consent and aim to make your partner as comfortable as possible.


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