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Why Silicone Love Dolls are Set to Replace TPE Dolls?

Why Silicone Love Dolls are Set to Replace TPE Dolls?

The notion that finding a partner who checks all the boxes of compatibility is merely a stroke of luck, has been challenged by the sex doll industry, given the technological advancements this industry has undergone in terms of customization.

From designing a love doll of an imagined character to making one with hyper-realistic features, including materials like silicone and TPE that simulate the feel of real skin, manufacturers are leaving no stone unturned to serve their customers.  

However, recently silicone love dolls have garnered more attention from sex doll collectors compared to the TPE doll. Why sex doll collectors are leaning toward the silicone love doll is what we are discussing today. Stay abroad to learn more.

TPE Vs Silicone Love Doll: How Silicone Love Dolls Are Different from a TPE Sex Doll?

Simulating the feel of real skin, both love dolls, silicone, and TPE may look similar at first. However, both differ significantly in terms of the composition and material they are made of, let alone, their properties.

The basic difference lies in the material itself. The material of TPE vs silicone love doll-

Silicone love dolls are made from silicone rubber. Now, if you're thinking what is silicone here is the answer- Silicone is a versatile polymer, which may feel soft or firm based on their composition.

On the other hand, TPE stands for Thermoplastic Elastomer. TPE is made by mixing polymers like plastic and rubber, which give it both plastic's flexibility and rubber's elasticity.

Advantages of a Silicone Love Doll

Advantages of a Silicone Love Doll

Here are listed some advantages of a silicone love doll in new arrival selections that are attracting collectors more than ever-

A Silicone Love Doll is More Durable: 

When compared to a TPE doll, a Silicone love doll is more durable. It lasts longer and is better at resisting damage. The exceptional durability makes a silicone love doll maintain its quality and appearance over time, providing long-lasting enjoyment for users.

It is a Comparatively Low Maintenance Love Doll: 

Comparatively, silicone is non-porous, making it less prone to stains and odors. Unlike TPE, silicone dolls do not require regular powdering to maintain their softness and texture. A silicone love doll requires less attention for its maintenance than a TPE sex doll. Moreover, they are easier to clean. 

A Silicone Love Doll has Excellent Temperature Sensitivity: 

The material Silicone has excellent temperature resistance properties, allowing love dolls to retain their shape and texture in most temperature zones. This feature ensures that silicone love dolls remain comfortable to the touch, regardless of the environment or weather conditions.

It has a High-Quality Realistic Appearance: 

In general, Silicone love dolls have more detailed and realistic facial features, giving them a more lifelike appearance. From intricate facial expressions to finely sculpted bodies, silicone dolls have successfully mimicked the nuances of human anatomy, further narrowing down the gap between a human and a realistic love doll.

Resistant To Mold And Bacteria

Silicone is a non-porous material. It has proven to be hostile toward development of the mold and bacteria on its surface. This hostility towards bacteria and mold further vouches for it being more hygienic than its counterparts. 

Drawbacks of a TPE Doll

Drawbacks of a TPE Doll

Here are a few factors that are responsible for the shift in the sex doll collector’s preferences and demand for a TPE doll-

A TPE Doll is Less Durable: 

Though a TPE sex doll is softer than a silicone one, it is more prone to damage over time. This means a TPE doll might end up making you lose dollars more frequently on repair and replacements.

Plastic-like Odor from TPE Doll: 

Some TPE doll owners have reported (on popular sex doll forums) a slight plastic-like odor from TPE material. This odor is off-putting for some. While it typically dissipates over time, it can detract from the overall enjoyment of the doll and playing a spoilsport.

Easily Get Stained:

As TPE is comparatively porous. The pores in the TPE doll allow the stains to settle in, making cleaning and maintaining hygiene another issue for TPE doll owners

TPE Requires High-Maintenance: 

Despite being difficult to clean due to its porosity, which also contributes to its softness, a TPE sex doll requires more care and maintenance to keep it in good condition. As a result, you’ll be spending more time on its regular cleaning and powdering.  

Cost Considerations

With all its advantages, silicone dolls may have a higher initial cost compared to TPE dolls. However, their durability and long-term value justify the investment for sex doll collectors. When considering the total cost of ownership, silicone dolls often prove to be a more cost-effective option in the long run, given the high maintenance cost of TPE.


As consumer preferences shift towards realism, durability, and quality, silicone love dolls are emerging as the preferred choice over TPE dolls. With their superior durability, low maintenance requirements, and high-quality appearance, silicone dolls offer an unmatched experience for users seeking the ultimate companion. 

Embracing the future of doll technology means embracing silicone love dolls as the superior choice in the evolving landscape of the doll industry.

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