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Tips for Applying Different Makeup Styles on Your Love Doll

Tips for Applying Different Makeup Styles on Your Love Doll

Gone are the days when sex dolls used to be just your bed partner. With realistic features and the ability to be customized, love dolls are ideal companions for your alone time. You can spend time with them, dress them up, and even do different makeup styles just like you did with dolls when you were young.  

But can you put makeup on a sex doll and if yes then what makeup can be used on a sex doll? Don't let your mind toil with these questions. 

Of course, you can apply makeup and even different makeup styles to transform the beauty of your favorite companion for fulfilling fantasies. 

However, there are a few things to consider before you go all Picasso on your fantasy sex doll with different makeup styles. But before you decide on the makeup style do select the perfect attire for your sex doll to match the makeup with. With that said let’s jump to the tips. 

Tips for Applying Makeup for Different Makeup Styles on Love Doll

Tip for Applying Makeup for Different Makeup Styles on Love Doll

Here are some tips- 

Clear the face: 

Before experimenting with makeup styles, clean the face of your love doll. Use gentle cleaners that are generally used to clean intimate toys made of various materials. These are alcohol-free, non-greasy, and safe for use on silicone and TPE.

Testing Products: 

Test a small amount of makeup in a hidden area to ensure it doesn't cause reactions or stains.

Use Only Powder-Based Makeup: 

Choose powder-based makeup to avoid harming the doll's material. The powder doesn’t seep into the pores of silicon or TPE like oil or water-based makeup products do. Powder-based makeup products simply remain on the top of the surface. 

Gentle Application: 

Silicone and TPE are a soft material that feels somewhat like real skin. Hence use soft makeup brushes to apply different makeup styles to prevent skin damage. Also, use a brush for lipstick instead of applying it directly.

Removable Makeup: 

For experimenting with different makeup styles make sure to remove the earlier applied makeup products. So that you get a clean canvas for the lined-up makeup styles.

How to Apply Powder-based Makeup for Different Makeup Styles on Love Doll

Follow the steps to apply different makeup styles-

Applying Face Powder

Begin by selecting a face powder that matches your sex doll's skin tone. Using a soft brush, gently apply the powder to cover the entire face. This helps create a smooth base for the makeup application and ensures an even finish.

Eye Shadow and Makeup for Face Shaping

Next, choose a powder-based eye shadow in a shade slightly darker than your doll's skin tone. Using a small brush, apply the eye shadow to contour and shape the features of the face. Focus on areas such as the temples, hollows of the cheeks, and jawline to add dimension and definition.

How to Apply Different Makeup Styles on Love Doll

For defining the eyebrows and creating eyeliner, continue using the same powder-based eye shadow. Use a fine-tipped brush to fill in the eyebrows and gently line the upper lash line for a subtle, natural look.

Lip Color

Instead of using lipsticks, opt for blush colors or eye shadows to add color to the lips. Choose shades that complement your fantasy sex doll's skin tone and desired makeup look. Using a small brush, apply the blush or eye shadow to the lips, blending gently for a soft, natural finish with a sponge.

If you’re going for a glossy look, apply a light layer of Vaseline or clear lip gloss over the colored lips. This adds shine and dimension to the lips, enhancing the overall makeup look.

False Eyelashes

For a dramatic eye makeup look, consider using false eyelashes to add length and volume to the lashes. Apply a thin layer of lash glue along the base of the false lashes and wait a few seconds for it to become tacky. Using tweezers, gently place the false lashes along the natural lash line, pressing down lightly to secure them in place.

Check out the latest and trendy makeup styles for your sex doll to stay on top of the trends. 

Tips on Things to Avoid while Applying Different Makeup Styles on Love Doll:

Here are some tips to avoid-

Avoid Harsh Makeup Removers:

Avoid makeup removers or face cleaners that contain alcohol or harsh chemicals like nail polish remover and bleach. Your love doll cannot withstand all the makeup products in your vanity except the powder-based ones. 

Say No to Oil or Cream-based Products:

Don't use any cream-based or oil-based products in fact, avoid using foundation, as it can get stuck in pores cause staining, and degrade the beauty of your fantasy sex doll. Foundations or concealers are for hiding the imperfections and your love doll is free from all of them.

Be Cautious with Dark Colors:

Even while applying powder-based makeup be careful with dark or staining colors that may leave permanent stains.

Avoid Rubbing Excessively to Remove Makeup

For removing applied makeup, don’t excessively rub the face of your sex doll as it may damage the skin.

Beware of Glitter:

Though appealing, glitters can stick to the skin and can be difficult to remove. Hence, it's better to avoid glittery makeup styles. 

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