How Long Can The Love Doll Be Used?

How Long Can The Love Doll Be Used? - SuperLoveDoll

For most people, realizing their dreams has never been easier. However, with the emergence of the adult sex dolls, the meaning of spiritual satisfaction and joy has completely changed. People now recognize the importance of evaluating themselves. Such people prefer to get along with sex dolls because it can bring them a better sense of satisfaction and happiness. Eventually, the demand for Real Doll increased.

However, just buying is not enough. This is a huge investment, so you need to understand how long your doll can be stored and how to extend its life. There is no specific description of the specific time frame that defines the exact lifespan of the doll. However, the cleanliness, materials, storage conditions and other factors of the true love doll directly affect the life span of the sex doll.

Some main factors affecting the service life of Aiwa:
usage frequency:

The life of a Dutch wife depends on how often it is used. After long-term use, all parts of the sex doll will wear out quickly. If the sex doll is not made of high-quality materials, some parts may even fall off. This is why some sex dolls are detachable or replaceable parts.

Material composition:
If the material/fabric quality of the clothing purchased is low, the wear rate will be faster than expected. In addition, the different raw material formulas of dolls produced by different manufacturers will also affect the lifespan of the dolls. Silicone and TPE are expensive, but they are more durable than RealDoll made of other materials. Therefore, when choosing a doll, try to choose silicone or TPE with a long service life.

You may not have the habit of washing frequently. However, if you buy a sex doll, you are responsible for cleaning it thoroughly. If you neglect to clean the Dutch doll, bacteria will accumulate and the doll is not safe to use.

The storage method of adult dolls also has a great influence on the health and longevity of the dolls. True love dolls may have compression dents on their bodies, which may cause cracks or tears. The arms, knees and elbows are sensitive to dents. Therefore, please pay attention to the storage conditions of the doll.
This clearly shows that taking care of sex dolls and paying attention to the above points can extend their life (at least 2-10 years). On the other hand, if it is not handled properly, it may not be used for more than a year.

How to maintain a sex doll?
Now, if you know that maintenance is the key to long-term storage of Aiwa, then you need to follow some effective tips.

Clean the sex doll regularly and clean the orifice plate properly.

Before washing the sex doll wig with neutral shampoo, be sure to wipe your face with a dry cloth.

Do not use silicone lubricants on sex dolls. Use water-based lubricants.

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