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If you love the intimacy of sex, this position is fantastic for an intimate view. While in this position, you can easily make out and caress each other. Many people think of anal sex as a sexual experience without face-to-face positions. The Saturn is an excellent position for a deeper emotional connection, making it a fantastic anal sex position.

How to- Seat yourself on the edge of your bed and have your partner climb on top of you while facing you. They can use their legs to straddle your upper body for support.

2.The Steer-Her

This anal sex position is often used in vaginal sex, which is why many forget that you also have easy access to the anus. The steer-her allows you to penetrate at different angles until you find the best one. It also gives you an open view while busy. The position is very secure and makes penetration easy without the accidental dick slip.

How to- Have your partner lay down on the bed on their back. They will need to lift their legs into a V form while you hold on to her ankles. You will now see that you have easy booty access.


This next position is also great for adding intimacy to anal positions. We love this position because it takes minimal effort and is great for morning anal sex.

How to- Start out by having your partner lay on their side, with their arms above them and bent legs. Use your leg to straddle your partner's upper body while your other leg is straight. Your partner can rest their legs on your side while you penetrate.

4.Relaxed Reverse Cowgirl

We all know what the reverse cowgirl is. Still, sometimes it is an uncomfortable position, even more so for anal sex. This anal sex position helps to avoid a painful experience when moving. The cowgirl sometimes pulled the penis forward, which is an unnatural position for an erect penis to be in, which is unfortunate. This position helps you avoid that while having anal sex.

How to- Lay flat on your back and have your partner face away from you while climbing onto your pelvic area. Your partner with hover over you while you slowly insert. Once inserted, your partner can lean back and place their arms extended behind them for support.

5.The Anal Wheelbarrow

This next one is great for people with a leg fetish, as your partner's legs are everywhere. This position allows you to get a deep penetration while having steady control over the movements. Not to mention the great view of the ass you will have during anal sex. 

How to- First, have your partner get on all fours and stand between their legs behind them. Next, lift your one leg and bend it while resting it on the bed. Your partner should then rest their leg on the same side on top of your thigh.

6.The Enhancer

This next position will need a pillow or two to add some comfort. This is an easy position for those who love comfortable anal or pegging. This a great anal sex position for deep penetration, making it a more pleasurable experience.

How to- Your partner should lay down on the bed face down and slightly bend their knees and arch their back. Place a pillow under the pelvic area for support. You then come up from behind and can penetrate at a comfortable angle.

7.The Bridge

The bridge is yet another vaginal sex position that can also be seen as a fantastic anal sex position. This position is great for wither of you as you can be in sync and work together for the best outcome.

How to- Find a comfortable spot and sit on your bed with your legs straight, then have your partner sit on you and slide back using their arms for support. You then bend your legs while they do the same over your thighs, and you can penetrate.

8.Daddy’s Ass

This is another position that is great for deep penetration while still having access to the clit if your partner has a vulva. You can also use one hand to stimulate her while the other hand is used for stability.

How to- Firstly, your partner must lay on their back while bending their knees and pulling them closer to their chest. Then they hold their feet with their hands to help with stability, and you can come in between their legs for penetration.

9.The Froggy

If you are looking for an exciting anal sex position, look no further. The froggy is fantastic for deep penetration while still allowing you to see what you are doing efficiently.

How to- Your partner needs to get into a squat position and place their hands on the ground between their feet. Make sure they squat down with wide open legs, then squat behind them for penetration.

10.Queens Angle

The next position is one of the best anal sex positions for first-timers because it is comfortable and allows easy access. Let us also not forget to mention how amazing the deep penetration you can achieve in this hot anal sex position is.

How to- Have your partner lay on their back and throw their legs over your shoulders. Their calves should be resting on each shoulder, then come up straight and lean into a 90-degree angle and penetrate.

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